Gymnastics is a part of my DNA. I truly believe when you are gymnast you are one for life! After retiring from Elite/ Collegiate Gymnastics I took a small break from Gymnastics. I began participating in sports and hobbies that I didn’t have the opportunity to do before. While on this break I received calls from parents asking if I could help their daughter with skills, routines and choreography. I always said yes and enjoyed helping them but there was a small problem, I didn’t have my own facility. This made it difficult to help. Years later I began coaching women’s option team gymnastics and had the opportunity to coach a sport that was a part of my life for many years. Being able to help athletes reach their full protentional is an amazing gift and that’s when it became clear this is what I want to do. It wasn’t until a year later when it became urgent to open a facility. In January 2018 the Women’s gymnastics team and I were displaced during competition season and had to find a gym facility to finish our season. This was unexpected in order to keep my girls team together and to prevent them from a situation like this from ever happening again, the only solution was to own a facility. This facility is not only for the women’s gymnastics team, its for boys and girls and other teams to have a place they can call home and that’s how Breasha Pruitt Elite Gymnastics was born!

This facility houses more than equipment, its houses students with goals, passion and as the Owner along with my staff we understand and will do everything in our power to make sure your son/daughter has fun and succeeds. B.P. Elite fully supports all its athletes and will make sure they have a great experience while participating in their class. When you join Breasha Pruitt Elite Gymnastics, you join a family that goes above and beyond, coaches and staff members who love to help students, coaches with experience and knowledge not to only to coach but to mentor and be good role models to your son/ daughter.
Welcome to B.P. Elite Gymnastics, 
Breasha Pruitt