See What Everyone is Saying About our Gym!

We are so excited to be apart of the team at this gymnastics center. Coach Breasha is a great coach and has become part of our family over the last few years. She loves her girls and does special things for them and with them as they work hard daily to be the best they can be, When we met Coach Breasha, our daughter was in need of more experienced "elite" gymnastics coach. We we found the best! She has helped Rebekah in many ways, helping her with form and confidence, and giving her support with a strong arm. This has made Rebekah a better athlete. We look forward to all the new men and women to come and be apart of this great team!

Elizabeth Haas

I love B. Pruitt. She is a talented gymnast that has passion for what she does. It reflects in the love she shows for her kids. She was working with my nieces, before she had a gym and they love her and continue to work on flipping. I cannot wait for the gym to open.

Niecee Richardson-Shaw

We love Coach Breasha she is so good with my daughter and she brought her so far in her skills last season and I couldn't believe how quickly my daughter learned new skills. She also creates a very fun environment while teaching them excellent work and team ethic! I would highly recommend her !

Michelle Mason

Breasha has the skills and knowledge to produce quality athletes both inside the gym and out.she inspires, motivates, and cares for the personal well being of her athletes and that at its root is what makes for an exceptional coach.

Brittany Smith

My daughter is a lot older now but Breasha was great with her. Breasha took her time with Jazzie. Breasha became like a big Sis to Jazzie even to this day they keep in touch with each other.
She is a great person, role model and friend!! Go Breasha!!!!

Barbara Acree-Lee

Breasha Pruitt is such a wonderful young lady and very talented. She was a great gymnast when she was a little girl and won many awards. I am so happy that she is achieving her dreams of owning her own gym!! She loves kids and will teach them what they need to achieve their dreams as well. Love u Breasha!

Tamra Campbell

When you join this community as a gymnast, you are joining an entire family. The love Breasha has for her gymnasts and the sport shows in all she does. I highly recommend Coach Breasha as a coach and business owner!

Sarah Hawkins Krus

We found Breasha to be a great coach. My daughter was having trouble with a couple of skills. Breasha was able to quickly evaluate why she was having trouble and to tweak her technique. That made all the difference. She also provided plenty of encouragement and support along the way.

Ellen Van Royen

I'm so proud of you. The young kids will learn from the best and be awesome like you . Congratulations Breasha!!

Carol Burris

Breasha is an amazing coach and has always gave 100% Will definitely produce some great winners!!!!

Olympia Marshall

Bresha Pruitt is an amazing coach. It is evident that she has a true passion for gymnastics, every time you see her! I'm looking forward to seeing her "Do Her Thing" when her gym opens! CONGRATULATIONS BRESHA! Much love and prayers are coming your way!

Ena Winfield

Breasha is not just a coach, she’s also an awesome friend. She makes gymnastics fun. I highly recommend everyone to join her gym family

MacKenzie Roberts